My wife and I are confident that our best interests are being looked after.

I’m Graham Tottle. My business and I personally have been a client of Alex at Positive Wealth Creation since he joined the company from university, so that must be about 20 years ago.

Before that, I was a client of the company when his mother and father ran it because they were associated with my parents who ran the company that I ended up running.

Initially, the problems that we had were with regard to investments with pensions for our employees. And subsequent to that, it rolled into my own personal pension forecasting and advice to make sure that I’ve got enough money to enjoy my retirement.

I’ve always felt that he had my best interests at heart. And consequently, I was very comfortable dealing with him and allowing him to lead me in the right direction with regard to where my investments should go.

Having put aside good chunks of money during my working life, Alex has worked his magic with the money, and I’m pretty confident that we’re going to have a very comfortable life going forward.

I retired towards the end of 2019, and consequently, as I’m now coming up to 64, I need money to enjoy my retirement.

Alex has been working with his team to make sure that the money we put aside during the time I was working will be as effective as it possibly can be, to give me the lifestyle that I hope I will have.

Alex and his team are very professional. I always feel they’ve done all the background work. The information is presented in a simple way, but it’s backed up with the figure work that you need behind it.

It’s explained to us very carefully, and my wife and I come away from the meetings feeling confident that our best interests are being looked after.

I’ve got confidence in Alex and his team. I feel they are very professional in how they work, and they’re working on my behalf, and also, they are confidential – I’ve never had the feeling that they would use my information outside that room for any other usage, apart from my personal benefit.

The one thing that Alex has made sure that we know is that we have enough money, and it is in the right medium to give us a return.

We like to think that we are caring for the planet, and therefore we won’t invest in shares where there might be some harm made to the planet. So, we’re careful about our investments. He’s taken that information on board, and he’s advised us as to where he feels it will be most appropriately placed.

I would unreservedly recommend Positive Wealth Creation. Because in my business life, I’ve been dealing with Alex for 20 years and his parents for 40 years, and at no stage have I felt that they are doing anything other than everything they can to benefit me, my business, and my personal business.