Meet Suraj

My role requires good communication skills, as well as excellent analytical ability.

My day-to-day tasks include preparing and maintaining detailed client files and records, preparation of annual reviews, product research, and obtaining illustrations. I’m also involved with using analytical software to review clients’ existing and proposed arrangements, preparation of suitability reports, and maintaining detailed and up-to-date knowledge of all aspects of financial planning.

I enjoy that everyone in the team shares the same vision, and is dedicated to the task in hand, which creates a strong work environment. I also enjoy my ongoing training path, where so far I have completed my Regulated Diploma in Financial Planning.

I love to travel because not only is it the ultimate adventure, but it also exposes you to new types of people, different ways of living, and opens up your mind. Travel puts me out of my comfort zone and inherently breeds challenge. I’m a firm believer that challenge leads to curiosity, maturity and growth.

What our clients say

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Working with Alex is absolutely superb; we have full confidence in him.

Gareth & Gwen James

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My wife and I are confident that our best interests are being looked after.

Graham Tottle

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I feel confident about our financial future, thanks to Jenni.

James Raffle

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We feel secure about our financial future, thanks to Positive Wealth.

Rich & Rob Yarwood

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We trust that Positive Wealth are looking after our money in the best way possible.

Christine & Andrew Raffle

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We feel content about our financial future, thanks to the honest advice received from Positive Wealth Creation.

Jonathan & Diana Wyatt

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