I feel confident about our financial future, thanks to Jenni.

My name’s James, and I’ve been a client with Positive Wealth Creation for just over a year. My adviser is Jenni Turco.

We got in touch with Positive Wealth Creation to consider retirement planning. We had pensions and ISAs with different providers, and we wanted to consolidate that so that it was with a single provider in a managed environment.

The aspirations that I had when we started to work with Positive Wealth was really just to see if we could make our money work a little bit harder, I guess. I don’t have the time to look at different funds and worry about whether or not the money is working as hard as it could. So, we felt that it would make sense to have an adviser that could assist us.

We found out about Positive Wealth through my family, actually. My grandparents, my uncle, and my parents are all clients with Positive Wealth, and they all work with Jenni.

I think the thing that we liked about Positive Wealth was, first of all, the track record with the family. Obviously, they were well known to our family, and they came highly recommended by everyone who’s used them.

Also, when we met with Jenni, she made me feel very comfortable. And it was very much explained, the process, what she was going to do, and everything is very clear, and she’s very easy to contact.

The three words I would use to describe my experience with Positive Wealth would be confidence in the advice that were given, clear communication, and very friendly.

I think the feeling I get when I’m working with Positive Wealth is one of comfort. I feel confident in the organisation and the advice I’m getting.

In terms of how I feel about my future, now we’re working with Positive Wealth, I think we have a plan in place now. So, I can see how it’s going to progress towards my retirement, and I feel confident that we are considering all the options that are available to us.

The best piece of advice that we’ve been given while working with them… one of the things that was important to us was the ethical standpoint of the provider and the companies within the funds that we were looking for. That was something that was important to us, and then something that Jenni was able to advise how to go about that way, bearing in mind our views.

The best thing about working with Positive Wealth, and Jenni in particular, is the conversations that we have with Jenni and the communication, the calls that we have. In the last year, we’ve spoken to her four or five times.

They’re always very friendly, and she takes a lot of time to ensure we’re very clear on what she’s advising, and all the options that are available to us.

I would recommend working with Positive Wealth Creation. I think that as a small company, they’re able to give you great service, and they offer very, very sound advice.